Mag Brakes

Mag Brakes is widely acclaimed for supplying quality airbrake parts and hydraulic cylinders to the heavy-duty airbrake industry in South Africa.

Mag Brakes is not only recognised for its extensive range of airbrake, brass and steel fittings, adaptors, foot valves, actuators and comprehensive variety of grease nipples, but also for the design and installation of ABS, EBS and hydraulic brake kits for trucks and trailers, all done to SABS specification.

Parts included are:

• Accessories
• Clutch Servos
• Compressors
• Grease Nipples
• Master Cylinder Clutch
• Fittings
• Slave Cylinder Clutch
• Spring Brakes
• Suzie, Hose and Tubing
• Valve Brake
• Wheel Cylinders
• Brake Master Cylinders
• Brake Wheel Cylinders