Vehicle Monitoring & Management Systems

Torre Parts and Components, through its association with VDO and its local research and development team, offers a comprehensive range of vehicle monitoring and management systems. This includes road speed limiters, rev and idle limiters and a host of other engine management systems.

VDO is a global brand providing state of the art automotive, electronic and mechatronic solutions that capture the automotive future. VDO's extensive product range is known to have the highest quality, and covers the automotive, marine, commercial, industrial and specialised original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market. VDO embodies the principles of individual mobility, driving pleasure, safety, environmental responsibility and cost efficiency.


Parts included are:

• Auto Monitor
• Control and Monitoring Systems
• Road Speed Limiter
• RSI (Revs, Speed and Idling Limiter)
• Speed Sensors
• Tachographs
• Veeder Root Hubodometer