The product range is so diverse and is aimed at the mining, military, engineering, industrial, security, agriculture and 4x4 markets in South Africa.

The VisionX brand is used in numerous organizations around the world including NASA and has built a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. It has succeeded in winning military and NASA contracts based on its advanced design and extensive product offering which includes the world's widest LED lighting range. VisionX is also able to manufacture custom made lights to almost any specification.

The products use VisionX's patented Prime Drive technology integrated into the circuitry giving prolonged LED life. The Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) technology is used to keep the lights at safe low-operating temperatures and can therefore drive the LED to 90% efficiency and 90% optical purity.

The LED use a Polycarbonate lens that is break-proof and NASA has tested the lights at -197 ˚̊celsius as well as in zero atmospheric pressure where they continued to operate. The lights have also passed the Ingress Protection test for water and dust (IP-68 rating), Isolux Testing for lumens measured at a distance and for vibration testing.

LED lights also have a significant higher Environmental Friendly attribute than normal halogen lights. They use lower power consumption while producing 10 times more light. The life span of an LED is up to 50 times higher (50 000hours) than ordinary halogen lights. Once the LED is discarded it does not leach poisonous mercury into the environment.